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Every year we talk about resolutions, discussing in lengths our diets / organisation / money. Whist some do stick to theirs, I am sure most of you are like me… Come Easter it’s all gone out of the window for another year.

This year I have decided there will be no resolutions for me, I’m going for GOALS! Scott and I finished 2016 on a high, we had unintentionally been on 8 holidays that year – EIGHT!!! We hadn’t planned to do that at the beginning of the year, we just focused and it materialised.

At the beginning of 2017 we had not even discussed buying a house. Of course, we had been saving for it (Around jumping on an off planes) however we never though it would be a reality several months later. In February we visited a show home to have a nose around and fell in love with a house. A month later we had reserved a plot and watched the build until we were given the keys to our very first home in June. A massive thank you to both families for helping us during this time with your love and support.

Looking back over the past few years has made me realise focus, determination and positivity has allowed us to achieve the things we have. I am a big believer of putting things out to the universe, coupled with the above will help you reach your goals.

This year I have several goals…


I’m not promising to fad diet / drink less (Come on I bloody love my food and cocktails!) I am however focused on the goal of being able to do a pull up or maybe two. This way my general fitness and relationship with food will come hand in hand.


Again there is no resolution to watch the pennies, there is however a goal to have a new Range Rover Sport sat on the driveway. Finishing 2018 marginally closer to this goal will suit me just fine!


Agreed, eight holidays in a year was pretty excessive. We do want to travel more this year though. Kicking things off with a trip back to NYC in Feb – Courtesy of all the air miles we have been racking up via the clubcard – Cheers Teskies! Keeping costs down, unless we see a mega deal, discovering more of the UK and our own coastline is the plan.


When it comes to work I am all over the organisation, home life and blogging however is a little harder. The focus for the first few months of the year in the home is to put our creative space together i.e. The Study. We have the space however it is currently housing unpacked boxes. I figure having a space which inspires us both, creative plans and organisation will follow naturally.

Are you jotting down goals as we speak? What are they? The more we talk and inspire one another the more the internet and world becomes a positive place to be.

Happy New Year to you all and wishing you an amazing 2018!

It’s our year guys lets go get it

Laura x


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I love hearing from you all so please feel free to leave a comment below x


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