This time of year is full of festivities for most. This generally means a fair few late nights, a change in your diet and if you’re a drinker – A little more fizz then usual! I’m really blessed to have great family, friends and colleagues. In turn my social life can get pretty full on around Christmas which zaps my skin and hydration levels.

The kind team over at Amie asked if I would like to try their Daybright Glow – Brightening Sheet Mask. Perfect timing to put such a product to the extreme test. Amie is a natural skincare brand that creates award winning products and flawless faces all over the place. Sheet masks are still extremely popular and for me, easy to use. They give your skin an instant burst of moisture and softness.

The Amie Daybright Glow Brightening Sheet Mask is a soft cloth mask. These softies are filled to the brim with natural ingredients such as Liquorice Root | Coffee | Indian Lotus Extract | Pro-Vitamin B5 | Hyaluronic Acid. Basically all you need to have PH balanced hydrated skin. All you need is 20 minutes for these face savers. You can of course pop one on and go about your pottering however I would suggest soaking up some relaxing time to yourself.

The mask is exactly that, a mask. When you remove from the packet open it out fully and you’ll see there are pretty obvious holes for your eyes noes and mouth. Place it gently over your face and begin to sooth out. It’s saturated in revitalising goodness so pretty slippery. Pat it down so it’s nice and secure on your face. Set yourself a 20 minute reminder and get yourself set up ready to relax. I suggest you let anyone else in the home know what you’re about to do. These masks look pretty weird on and anyone with a nervous disposition may jump out of their skin passing you in the hallway…

After your 15-20 minutes, carefully peel away the cloth mask from your skin. Don’t worry it won’t pull at your skin, it will slide off easily. I found I had a fair amount of excess product on my face due to the generous amount the masks are covered in. I just worked this into my skin and down my neck. There is obviously no need to follow up with any moisturiser, your face is already covered in it!

Honest Thoughts

I have been using sheet masks for a while now so I have a lot to compare this to. I found the Amie masks easy to apply. The amount of product on each sheet was surprising. It was really nice to have additional product at the end to work deeper into my skin and down my neck, others I have used haven’t had this. The product claims to brighten, hydrate and revitalise your skin. I would agree with all three statements. Even after a weekend of very little sleep and over indulgence, my ultra dry skin has been kicked back into action. It seems to have tricked my skin into feeling rested which is amazing!

There are 3 in a box for £6.99 and can be found in Waitrose or online here. These facials in a packet are suitable for vegetarians and vegans so anyone can feel comfortable using them. Using once or twice a week as part of your usual routine will give your skin the revitalising boost it needs.

Laura x

(Whilst this product has been gifted for review, as always I have been honest with my thoughts)



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