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Before we begin, Dad this sentence is for you – Do not read any further unless it is after Fathers Day! Now, let’s crack on…

Last week, Intu Chapelfield contacted me with a challenge of the shopping variety. My favourite past time – Of course I jumped at the chance! Then there were the ACTUAL challenge – Find the perfect gift for Fathers Day without buying socks *Insert head in hand emoji.

Hands up here guys, I am the cliche card giver with a scribbled note inside reading ‘Cinema trip on me’ and this is given to my dad every year. Mothers day is a breeze in comparison, or so I thought.

As if this challenge wasn’t going to be hard enough, I decided to nip onto the one stop Intu shop on my way home from work – Giving me a tiny 30 minute gap to nail this challenge. Being the well practised shopper I am, I also managed to vlog it at the same time (There’s a link to said vlog at the bottom of this post)


Slipping past the socks in Zara for men, I found plenty of well priced unexpected items. For £50 you could practically get your dad a whole outfit in here. I particularly loved these shirts, they felt amazing quality too. Just don’t do what I did and go shopping without your dads sizes *Oh there’s that emoji again!

Levi is a store I rarely set foot in, I don’t know why and this is going to change. The wallets were beautiful in here, amazing leather and quality. They currently have an offer on also, buy yourself a pair of jeans and nab yourself 30% off of your fathers day belt! This then gives you a little extra to choose your dad a classic logo T-Shirt or something a little different.

Whilst Intu Chapelfield is your one stop shop with everything under one roof, House of Fraser is an even easier option for those short on time. Without even going too deep into the menswear department I found Ted Baker and their amazing sale – up to 40% off. This meant a whole heap of great quality items with a fancy pants brand name for under £50, again you could treat your dad to a couple of things.


Did you know Kiehls offered beauty services in store? Nope neither did I! Pick up one of these cards and it gives the man in your life a mini facial. You could pick up a couple of products from their display and said card would offer a nice little bonus gift – What’s even better that part would be free of charge to  you!


Again HMV is a store I rarely visit, I haven’t been in here for years which is probably why I was so surprised by it! There is SO much in here for the man in your life. Beyond DVDs and CDS, there’s Vinyl | T-Shirts | Comic Books | Breaking Bad Travel Mugs | Head Phones and shelves more. The staff are super friendly and helpful in here too so don’t be afraid to ask them anything.

Apple of course, is by far the classic store for technology. Considering some of the highly priced items it sells, there was a lot under £50. An iPod shuffle was the most surprising I thought, along with Mobile Charging Devices | Apple Watch Straps | Phone Cases | Ear Pods | Home Lighting Technology and so much more.


Lisa Angel Has it going on with the alternative presents. There’s a great selection of cards, outdoor gifts and mens jewellery. How on trend are those pineapple cufflinks! Marble ones also for under £50. This store is great if you want to buy a few smaller gifts instead of one lager one.

And of course, if all else does fail Intu Chapelfield have got your back with the classic gift card so he can choose his own manly items. Although we do all recommend you note down – ‘No Socks Allowed’


I went for two gifts this year, the first being from Lisa Angel . As soon as I saw this book I knew I had to get it for my dad who uses Facebook as a diary! It’s also a little present to the rest of the family as I think it would be nice for us all to flick through in five years time.

The second purchase was from Apple . We have to look after theses men in our lives guys, they are not getting any younger. With this in mind, home technology was brought so the living room light can be turned on and off with a  simple ‘Hey Siri…’ Even when you are away from home!

It turns out shopping for men is much easier than I thought. In fact the challenge came with choosing which gifts to purchase from such a huge selection. This is just a snapshot of the shops available in Intu Chapelfield for the full list of shops click here before you go and plan your visit to make it much easier.

All of these shops were visited in 30 minutes and I even found time for a refreshment break in pret! Below is a link to my Intu Chapelfield shopping challenge Vlog – I hope it gives you some inspiration for Sunday and good luck!

Laura x

*This project has been sponsored by Intu Chapelfield Norwich. As always, my opinions are my own – I don’t do that fibbing thing!



I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I love hearing from you all so please feel free to leave a comment below x


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