As some of you may know I decided to do a reverse advent calendar this year for Norwich Food Bank. What on earth is that you ask? Well, just take a look here to find out guys. December 1st marked delivery day for my box of donations, so en route to work I headed to Ivy Road in Norwich. This is where you can find the Norwich Food Bank warehouse. Collection points for those in need are dotted around the city and surrounding areas.

As Scott and I arrived, we saw many others delivering their reverse advents . All had smiles on their faces and overflowing boxes. Walking in, we received the warmest welcome from the volunteers working that morning and were offered a tour of the warehouse.




From Baked beans, to deodorant. Pet food to hair dye for sex workers. There was something for all those who need a little bit of help to get by one day at a time. On arrival a volunteer takes your name and e-mail address with a huge thank you. Donated goods are weighed in and noted down in the log before being distributed into the relevant sections on the shelving units.

Believe it or not, people deliver out of date and damaged products. The volunteers have to sort through these, so please just check anything you are donating. The final section is where the team put together packs for individuals, couples and families. In order to receive a box you have to fall on some truly hard times and can only receive three. I really hope none of you ever have to go through this.




Both Scott and I were overwhelmed with the amount of donations and products filling the shelves. We were also very saddened to hear why these people need help. It really is a basic human right to eat. In this day and age, Norwich Food Bank should not have to exist. Everyone has the right to live and have fuel in their stomachs to do so.

It was heart wrenching to see shelves of baby products, nappies etc. Also heart warming at the same time to see the people of Norwich are helping those less fortunate. Our box above suddenly looked like a tiny donation in comparison. We have decided as a family, this is something we will do regularly in order to help those who have fallen on hard times.

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