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Take a look in my wardrobe and there hangs a disgusting amount of coats. All ranging from a dark navy to a deep shade of black. Of course I NEVER have the right coat for any outfit, hence why I have an unholy amount.

Recently I purchased a red jacket from Primark which is fair to say – Well out of my comfort zone. It has only had a handful of outings for this very reason.

I have always wanted to own a mustard coat / jacket. In previous years, by the time I convinced myself to purchase, the colour has vanished from the shop floors.

This year I decided was going to be the year!


There was, in fact still is, a huge amount of the yellowy hue around in stores at the moment. When I spotted this coat in New Look, I wasn’t even looking for one. It’s just one of those handy stores which have a door either side so you can walk somewhere warm on chilly days!

Randomly hanging on it’s own, in my size, shining out to me like a bright mustard beacon was one last coat. And it slipped on like a big yellow glove. Before I had chance to question myself over it I took it straight to the till and marched my way out and haven’t regretted it once.

I have found a new lease in a lot of my wardrobe now, as berry colours work great with this coat. This old hat which has never really been worn has resurfaced. Suddenly I feel the need to purchase every dark plum lipstick the cosmetic counters stock.

The thick berry jumper you can see hiding underneath is also from New Look and was randomly purchased on that very successful day. It’s actually a bardot jumper and a super cosy one at that. As I write this you can still find it online HERE.

You can find this coat in both regular and petite. (I found out about the petite option a little too late, That would have been a much better fit for my shortie arms) Both are still online with New Look HERE. Take a look on ASOS also, that have some great alternatives.

A massive thank you to Thom Law and his photography skills for this post, check him out HERE.

Laura x


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