A few days ago, Pick ‘N’ Melt asked if I would like to try their Christmas gift set. Christmas scented goodness for my home? I am in! Tucked up in a blanket of bubble wrap, I received my kit shortly after. Along with the signature Pick ‘N’ Melt wax warmer, I was gifted 16 glorious bags of ‘melts’. These are tiny cubes of Soy scented wax. You get 6 in a bag and all you need to fill your room with Christmas goodness.


Pick ‘N’ Melt chose 8 different flavours from their Christmas range including – Frankincense & Myrrh | Christmas Spice | Mistletoe & Wine | Robin Red Breast | Snow | Cocoa & Log Fire | Christmas Time | Festive Tree. This complete set costs £12 however if you buy 4 of them it will only cost £9 each eeerrrr that’s buy 3 get one free – Bargain! So how does it work and what do they smell like?

I kicked mine off with 6 cubes of Christmas time. You simply add the tiny cubes into the top of the ceramic warmer. Light a tea light to place underneath and allow to melt. Pick ‘N’ Melt  recommend 6-12 cubes however you can use more if you wish. In my opinion a little goes a long way with these tiny melts and 6 was more then enough to scent our flat.


As they start to melt, your chosen scent begins to lift in to the room. Christmas Time really lives up to it’s name. My other favourites are Snow, which has a real crispness to it. Mistletoe and wine and Christmas Spice – This one you’ll want to burn all over the festivities.

The tiny ‘Melts’ are Soy wax. Pick ‘N’ Melt use Soy for a few reasons. Some ethical and some practical | Soy beans are a naturally renewable source and are Eco-friendly | Soy wax burns cleaner and for longer with a cooler burning temperature | Soy wax is non-toxic due to the nature of it’s extraction.


Pick ‘N’ Melt also offers a monthly subscription service. You can buy their products as one offs or… Join the Pick ‘N’ Melt party for £8 a month and receive 20 bags of melts a month or 30 if you join the supreme gang. You get to choose your own melts and postage is free so your home will forever be smelling devine.

You can find everything you need to know about Pick ‘N’ Melt here! Let me know if you discover any mixes I need to try.

Laura x



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