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This year I cracked it, I finally found comfort and a holiday style which suits me. Scott and I love to travel and visit new places especially in the heat which can cause me unlikely issues when it comes to the holiday wardrobe. Like many I suffer from bloating, I’m not talking ‘monthly’ bloating or an ‘I’ve eaten too much pasta’ belly. It’s random bloating my body likes to surprise me with causing me to have a huge hard stomach which starts to spill over my jeans, burst though my dresses and generally causes me discomfort and confidence issues.

I can pick out the perfect outfit first thing and leave the house with my shoulders back feeling a million dollars then at some point in the day BAM! I’ve always liked the idea of being surprised however not in this way. It changes my self-esteem instantly and I’ll become hunched over trying to hide my stomach. Please don’t get me wrong my stomach is not flat when I’m feeling OK, I’m a curvy girl and enjoy my food a little too much.

Going to Greece this year was going to be no exception to my summer wardrobe dilemma, that was until I found my holiday style in the form of the ‘Bardot Dress‘. My thanks for this has to go to one of my favourite bloggers Lucie who rocked the backside out of a red number on snapchat and kindly shared where she brought it from.

There started the mad search and delivery of around 20 dresses before I found three which were suitable. Small enough to roll up in to your case, plain enough to team with flats and a trilby or dress up with heels for the evening. First up keeping it simple in black, introducing the ASOS black bardot available for £15 and in Curve also.




This next dress was MUCH harder to find and the cause of so many ‘unsuitables’ being delivered in order to find it. I knew I wanted a cool white off the shoulder frock, I also wanted it to have some sort of subtle detailing and more importantly not be 100% see through! Boohoo was the winner here, I am pretty sure this was called the Lilly dress but they have renamed it on their website. It was £20 which is an average price for Boohoo however the surprising fact was the high quality of fabric. With slightly longer gathered sleeves and buttons down the front it ticks the boxes for the detailing, and the comfort levels on this one are high.




Finally the first red dress I have owned in a long time, ever perhaps (May have to change the lack of rouge and hit ASOS when I’ve finished typing) This is the red Bardot dress Lucie was wearing which inspired my new love for off the shoulder shifts. Exactly the same as the black dress above, this is the ASOS Red Bardot again at only £15 and available in curve also. These ASOS dresses are a slightly thicker fabric which helps them to sit comfortably across your shoulders without riding up. They also hang perfectly down your body hiding any bloating, lumps and bumps you don’t feel comfortable putting on display.





You’ve probably seen on my Instagram and Facebook I’m all over the Bardot tops also. Whilst I still have to wear my jeans with these, it allows me to be more comfortable and confident when the bloating strikes. Take a look at the shoulder showing tops I have purchased so far here.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lucie for your inspiration and allowing me to be comfortable on my holiday and every holiday going forward. Also if you are not following this red haired beauty make sure you go and check her out –

To those of you who suffer from bloating also, I’m sorry – I know the discomfort and embarrassment it can cause. If you have any tips / advice please feel free to comment, share, discuss below.

Laura x



I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I love hearing from you all so please feel free to leave a comment below x


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